If you are looking for a guesthouse with a high repeat rate in Mie Prefecture

A cheap and relaxing ryokan is located in Kumano

If you are looking for a guest house in Mie Prefecture, please use our house with Wi-Fi and delicious food. The customer-friendly space at home has received high praise from customers, and word-of-mouth comments have shown us that "the calm space is expanding".
Kumano City is one of the charms of nature, so you can spend a good time with the feeling of living in an environment surrounded by trees. In recent years, with the increase in foreign tourists coming to Japan, more and more people are using it, so please consider it when you come to Kumano City.

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Guest house Wagaranya in Mie Prefecture is working carefully every day so that customers can use it with peace of mind. In Japan, there is a wonderful word, once-in-a-lifetime chance. As the word implies, the inn is operated with the aim of becoming a homely inn, valuing encounters with people and interaction with people. Information on access to the inn is posted on the site, so please use it as a reference when you come.

About us

A guest house with many repeaters in Mie Prefecture

Please use the cheap and popular guesthouse Wagaranya in Mie Prefecture

Relax in Kumano City, a world heritage site of Kumano Kodo, in a rich natural environment. We always try to create a retreat-like space at home so that customers can spend a good time while calming their minds. It is also known as a ryokan that offers cuisine that focuses on ingredients, and in recent years, even in word of mouth, it has received good evaluations such as `` delicious food '' and `` relaxing '', and customers who use it as a repeater gradually It is increasing.
The feature is that we have a variety of price plans, and we will realize cheaper and cheaper prices according to the date of staying. We always try to provide more hospitality than the set fee, and it is well known that the ever-increasing number of foreign tourists can feel the traditional culture. Of course we can accommodate sudden visits, but if you make a reservation after telling us your desired accommodation plan in advance, we will guide you smoothly to your room. Please use it as one of the inns that has the feeling of living in a nature rich environment.

The guest house and our house in Mie Prefecture have a reputation for being cheap.

A popular Japanese-style inn with a retreat-like atmosphere, the Ryokan Wagaranya in Kumano is visited by many customers every year. With Wi-Fi and an environment where the Internet can be used smoothly, it has been well received by word-of-mouth from not only domestic customers but also foreign tourists. In order to flexibly respond to schedules, we have a variety of price plans, and we have received nice comments that "it is safe even for the first time because it is cheap."
A cozy space spreads throughout the ryokan, and you can enjoy a luxurious moment while calming down in the rich nature surrounding Kumano City. We will continue to stick to the traditional appearance and interior, pay attention to the atmosphere, and look forward to your visit. As you can spend a relaxing time as if you are living in Kumano City, please contact us first by telephone and then be careful on the day.